As we glide through the last days of this [fill in the gap] year, I want to take the time to reflect back on some crucial personal realizations that I adamantly want to carry over into 2021 (and beyond).

  1. life is strange. And ephemeral. Live it
  2. change overwhelms me
  3. routines are saviors
  4. nothing (nothing) can substitute human touch. Hug often
  5. re-assess often who and what I invest my energy in. If it is not adding value to my life, re-direct accordingly
  6. loneliness hurts. Physically hurts
  7. life is better with a dog
  8. nature heals
  9. nothing is under control
  10. asking for help is not a weakness
  11. mental health is a priority, not a privilege
  12. meditate. Every day and more so when I feel unable
  13. remember often the souls who shone brighter on my darkest days
  14. I don’t need half of the things I think I need
  15. everyone is fighting their own battle. Be kind. Always
  16. check-in often with those who you love
  17. if I am able to do something, I should. It may not be possible tomorrow
  18. half of what weighs me down is not mine to carry
  19. don’t take anything or anyone for granted. Be grateful for all I have
  20. it’s ok not to be ok. Accept emotions. Let them hurt until they don’t hurt any more